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“What I liked most about inlingua was the teaching, making students speak as much as possible, making students feel self-confident, and lastly making people feel as if they were at home.”

Henda - Angola

Henda - Angola

“For four months I’ve been learning English at inlingua, Cape Town. I’m very happy with my progress. The teachers are very professional and highly competent.”

Pablo - Mexico
Pablo - Mexico

“The familiar atmosphere, the friendly and helpful staff and the motivated, professional teachers made my stay entirely enjoyable. Demanding exam classes and activities such as sandcastle competitions at the beach gave me a good balance between my goal to learn English and fun.”

Flurina - Switzerland
Flurina - Switzerland

“I had awesome teachers who had specific methods, each one with a particular way of teaching, which made my classes really interesting! I loved my time there, and I strongly recommend this language school.”

Thaís - Brazil

“I spent six weeks at inlingua in Cape Town to prepare for my Cambridge Advanced exam. Besides professional teachers, I made new friends - both students and teachers.”

Alexandra - Switzerland

Alexandra - Switzerland

“inlingua has been an incredible experience in my life. I have had the opportunities to meet interesting people from different countries. I’m grateful for the teachers that have helped me to have a strong base in English.”

Cedric - Congo
Cedric - Congo

“At inlingua, I really appreciated the welcoming and familiar atmosphere. The friendly staff was always able to give some advice and to help out when needed. During my ten weeks at inlingua, I improved my English a lot, and was well prepared well for my Cambridge Exam.”

Simon - Switzerland
Simon - Switzerland

“At inlingua we liked to study with students from other countries. In the lessons there was a lot of communication and we got to know people from other cultures.”

Hugo & Marion - Switzerland
Hugo & Marion - Switzerland

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inlingua Language Training Centre

inlingua International was founded in 1968 and is one of the world’s leading language training organizations with its headquarters in Switzerland. For over forty years, millions of private clients and employees of companies have benefited from its professional training expertise, sophisticated technology, hands-on methodology and enriching extracurricular activities.

The inlingua Cape Town language centre is just one of 324 language schools spanning 36 countries and 5 continents covered by inlingua International. This centre has excellent training facilities and the added bonus of a wide range of outdoor activities on its doorstep.

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Enriching Extracurricular Activities

inlingua Cape Town’s Social Programme Co-ordinator arranges extracurricular activities that encourage learners to explore the city’s natural splendour and learn more about its cultural diversity.

The exciting social programme provides learners the opportunity to embrace all that the Cape Town centre has to offer. Connect with fellow learners outside the classroom and discover common interests and passions that aren’t limited by language barriers.

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